Friday, June 13, 2014

Exam Time

Some last minute studying in the cafe before the final exam.

The last two days of the Hanze summer program are for students to show what they have learned in the previous three weeks.  Thursday was spent debriefing the Grolsch and Hooghoudt business visits, conducting individual sales presentations using a case they were given, and small group presentations on their market research project (for which they had to develop and conduct a survey and analyze the data for their market entry plan).  Today (Friday) began with a 2 1/2 hour written exam covering material from the intercultural management track, financial and economic aspects of the Eurozone, and the general European business environment including real estate management.  (Note to future students: Bring a calculator with you as you will need it for the final exam and you are not allowed to use your phone.)

  Tu is ready....
                                            and Yiran has begun.                                                        

This afternoon each small group will present the market entry plan they have been working on for the last three weeks (Google glasses, smart watches, or electric cars for the Dutch market), and then finish with a presentation on the history of the EU, EU competition laws, and other legal aspects of the internal EU market.

Tonight students get to celebrate with a farewell dinner in the city center (at a Mexican restaurant).  The dinner was scheduled early in order to be over in time to watch the Netherlands playing Spain in their opening match of the World Cup.  Soccer fever is rampant here with everyone displaying their "orange" in support of the Dutch team.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we leave Groningen, some to return to home and others to travel a bit more. A note to future students regarding return travel: If you want to enjoy the farewell dinner it's best to schedule your flight out of Amsterdam no earlier than Saturday afternoon.  You are required to arrive at Schiphol three hours before your flight leaves and the train from Groningen to the airport takes a minimum of 2 hrs 15 minutes. Or, you may want to just stay an extra day in Groningen - Hanze is OK with you staying in your apartment for an extra day or two. 

Good-bye to Hanze....
                      and to Groningen - it's been great!

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